Sakh Darpan

A complete solution for SHG Accounting

Self-Help Groups in India play an effective role in financial inclusion of the poor through a group based approach. The founding principles of mutual self-help, equity, self-governance and transparency have enabled the SHG form of institution to stand the test of times. SHGs are now regarded as the most preferred means of community mobilization and organization across almost all flagship government programmes.

The Centre for micro Finance (CmF) was set up in 2005 to catalyze the growth of community led microfinance (essentially the SHG model) in Rajasthan. Towards this, CmF works as a resource organization- offering technical and capacity building services to various stakeholders, incubating new ideas to cover unreached populations and under-served areas, promoting collaborations to mainstream best practices and tested innovations. CmF is the nodal agency of the Tata Trusts for their Sakh-Se-Vikas Initiative. It is the lead resource agency and knowledge partner in the Government of Rajasthan’s Mitigating Poverty in West Rajasthan (mPoWeR) project funded by the International Fund for Agriculture Development, Rome, Tata Trusts, Mumbai and the government itself.

Sakh-Darpan – an SHG Management and Information System was conceptualized by CmF in 2010 as part of its efforts to enhance the credibility and transparency of SHG programmes through regular tracking of their performance.

The uniqueness of Sakh-Darpan lies in its utility for every stakeholder in SHG programmes. Sakh-Darpan aids the SHGs, their clusters and federations by serving as a means to aid accounting at all levels. Customized reports highlighting status and trends vis-a-vis key parameters in simple formats aid them in self-regulation.

For the promoters of SHG programmes i.e., the government and non-government organizations, Sakh-Darpan serves to collate and analyze data thereby enable tracking and monitoring of quality and performance of their respective programmes. For banks seeking to lend to SHGs and their members, Sakh-Darpan serves as a mirror of the credibility of SHGs as also their members as individuals.Since its first version in 2011, Sakh-Darpan has come a long way in terms of both content and technology and is still evolving.

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